Missions and Operations

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Legal basis for the participation of Bulgarian Armed Forces in Allied and Coalition Operations is provided by Art. 84, Item 11 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, pursuant to which deployment of armed forces outside the country's borders is only possible upon approval by the National Assembly on a motion from the Council of Ministers. This means that for every instance of such participation in PKO a case-by-case decision is required.

The legislative framework defining the terms and conditions and the mechanism for our country’s participation in peacekeeping efforts comprises also the National Concept on the Participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in Peacekeeping Operations, elaborated in 1994 and endorsed by the Government, and the Law on Defence and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Pursuant to the Concept on the Participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in Peacekeeping Operations (PKO), Bulgarian participation on PKOs is subject to the following objectives:

  • Enhancing the international prestige of Bulgaria through active participation in efforts for prevention and peaceful settlement of arising conflicts ;
  • Integrating Bulgaria into European security structures, through participation in PKOs jointly with NATO and the WEU under mandate of the UN or of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE);
  • Training highly qualified personnel in the area of PKOs and military and police cooperation;
  • Acquiring new military-technical expertise for the purposes of the national armed forces’ training;
  • Participation of Bulgarian units and military experts in PKOs requires certain principles to be observed, such as the principle that every instance of participation in a given operation is to comply with the national interests of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Participation is to only be limited to operations conducted under the aegis and control of the UN or the OSCE, in conformity with the UN Charter and the provisions of the international law;
  • Participation is to only be limited to prevention of conflicts, peacemaking, peacekeeping or peace strengthening;
  • Participation is to be based on an ad hoc agreement with the Bulgarian Government concerning the terms and conditions regarding military conflict prevention on a case by case basis for each military operation;
  • The operation and the Bulgarian participation therein should be provided with a clear mandate, as well as with clear criteria regarding the termination of such participation.