Missions and tasks

Navy protects the sovereignty and the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in her maritime spaces.

Organizationally, the Navy consists of: Navy Training and Preparation Headquarters; two military naval bases – Varna and Bourgas, and units for combat support and combat provision.

Functionally, the Navy is divided into Deployment Forces and Territorial Forces:

  • Deployment forces  - formations with a high and low degree of readiness, capable of conducting the whole spectrum of NATO missions on the territory of the Alliance or outside it in the sense of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, or in response to crises of a military or non-military nature. The Deployment Forces of the Navy are fully manned and equipped with the necessary arms and equipment.
  • Territorial Forces – formations with a high and low degree of readiness capable of fulfilling operations related to the protection of the territorial integrity (independently and/or in the system of collective security and defence), the maritime sovereignty of the country with integrated systems in NATO’s shared system that guarantee contribution to the national security in peacetime and counteraction against potential asymmetric threats.



The Bulgarian Navy was established in 1879 in the town of Rousse with the assistance of Russia. In 1897 starts the building of Black Sea Navy, with a main base in the town of Varna. The first Bulgarian Navy officers were prepared at the military schools in Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary and France. During the Balkan War, 1912-1913, and the World War I, the Navy participated actively in combat activities. At that time, the submarine forces and the maritime aviation were established.

In the last years, the Navy has changed structurally in accordance with the modern standards and the necessity of its integration with the European and Euro-Atlantic security structures.

The Navy day is the second Sunday of August, which is as well the last day of the traditional National Week of the Sea.