Ministry of Defence, Republic of Bulgaria

National Codification System

compliant with the
NATO Codification System

The Codification System is the common international language for all logistic information systems used in NATO. It submits information about the names, drawings, products characteristics, their manufacturers, suppliers and users. This information is necessary to provide unity and unambiguous supply in signing contracts for delivery of defence-related products and participation of the Armed Forces of R.Bulgaria in joint international operations.

The implementation of interoperability  in the field of codification and defence materiel maintenance and supply is one of the basic tasks of the Armed Forces of R.Bulgaria for the fulfillment of its mission as a NATO member-country.

The National Codification System comprises a data base that is compatible with and uses the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics - NMCRL.

For the purpose of implementation of Ministerial Decree No. 11/26.01.1999 and Ministerial Order No. OH-1057/23.12.2020, the assignment of NCAGE codes and NATO Stock Numbers is performed by means of the following model documents:

1. Request for a NCAGE Code;

2. Request for assignment of a NATO Stock Number ,
which has to be sent as an appendix to an official letter to the postal address listed herebelow.

The NATO Codification System is the most comprehensive Codification and Cataloguing system in the world. Its database now contains over 16 mln NATO Stock Numbers and it is used by over 60 nations around the world.



BULCOD Codification Tool


BULCOD history

  • Tender won in compliance with the Bulgarian Law for Public Orders and Contract signed with the Bulgarian company TechnoLogica Ltd. - Dec.2003;
  • Nationally and internationally tested
    USA, France, Czech Republic, Spain, NSPA and NATO AC/135 team;
  • Accepted into service - Jan. 2005;
  • Continuously updated, improved in compliance with the
    NATO Codification System and enriched with new capabilities;
  • BULCOD foreign customers - FYROM, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Ukraine.

  BULCOD benefits

    • Time saved with fast installation and easy maintenance;
    • Money earned with budget friendly price;
    • Efforts saved by minimum training required; 
    • Link to other administrative systems and data bases;
    • 24 hrs worldwide/mobile on-line access;
    • Complete readiness for participation in joint programs and projects.

  BULCOD capabilities

    • Full interoperability with the NATO Codification System; 
    • All types of Item Identification - Type 1, 2 & 4; 
    • All types of international transactions; 
    • Implementation of images, drawings and photoes; 
    • Scanning by all types of data, including characteristics;
    • Multilingual interface/multilingual data;
    • Automated reports and statistics;
    • Import and export of data elements in various types of formats;
    • Controlled access; 
    • Full functionality, logical continuity and friendly interface


     For more information on :

    • Functional and technical characteristics;
    • Demonstration and training;
    • Contract options;
    • Bilateral assistance and cooperation.

    Points of contact:

Mr. Georgi STOYKOV

Tel.: +359 2 9220885



     Postal Address:

Mrs. Adelina Nikolova
Director, Defence Public Procurement Directorate

Ministry of Defence

3, Dyakon Ignatiy Str., 1092 Sofia

Republic of Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 9220640

Fax: +359 2 9515169


  BULCOD advantages

    • Management of second level codification units;
    • All NATO STANAGs and Allied Publications (ACodPs) in the field of codification integrated in BULCOD;
    • NMCRL integrated in BULCOD;
    • Internet-based;
    • Implementation of advanced up-to-date IT technologies;
    • Automated validation and approval of input and output data;
    • History of operations and transactions;
    • Integrated link to the Logistics System.

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